Understanding your Tenant Rights in Arizona

//Understanding your Tenant Rights in Arizona

Understanding your Tenant Rights in Arizona

Under the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Art, you’re entitled to certain rights when renting in Arizona. You’re also responsible to follow guidelines and regulations in order to comply with the Arizona tenant rights, just as landlords must abide. The rights and obligations for both landlords and tenants are in place to protect both parties. For example, you can’t be denied renting a property based on your age, race or the fact you have children unless the residence is located in an age restricted community.

Tenant Rights in Arizona
When you’ve rented a property, you have the duty to pay your rent on time or the landlord has the right to take eviction action. You can’t withhold rent due to a disagreement or broken oral promise with the landlord. To further protect your tenant rights in Arizona, keep copies of all of your payments and notice exchanges with your landlord, including signatures and dates.

As a tenant, you must follow certain tenant obligations, such as keeping the residence safe and clean. You must also properly remove and dispose of trash and keep all plumbing fixtures clean. You must use all electrical appliances, air-conditioning and heating systems and plumbing in a safe and responsible manor. You can not deliberately damage the property, and you must follow any other obligations and requirements set by the landlord.

Your landlord is required to keep the residence safe with utilities, including electric and water. The landlord must repair any safety hazards in a timely manor, such as heating and cooling problems. However, in order to enter the premises, you must be given at least 2 days notice, unless it’s an emergency.

The security deposit you provide can be returned to you upon relocating, but if any repairs need to be made based on the move-out inspection, the landlord can withhold the security deposit if an itemized list of repairs is provided. The security deposit or the remainder of the deposit after repairs must be paid to the tenant no later than 14 days after vacating the property.

The Arizona Tenant Rights also includes eviction procedures, noncompliance by landlord protection, lease provisions and more. To learn more about your tenant rights in Arizona, visit www.AzLawHelp.org


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